Who am I?

Official Tour Guide and Photographer in Alsace

Melissa Hallais

Born and raised in Brazil, after finishing my university studies in Tourism and Hotel Management, I went in search of new perspectives. I have lived in Spain and England, while always working within the hospitality and tourism industry. Still thirsty for more, I have sailed the seven seas working onboard cruise ships.

By a stroke of destiny, I ended up in Strasbourg. The connection was immediate. The curiosity to learn about the history of Alsace led me to attend the Professional Tour Guide Licence at the University of Strasbourg.

An official tour guide who besides being passionate about the history of her city is also passionate about photography.

Throughout my photos and visits, I try to transmit my enchantment, my respect, and my admiration for these people and this land.


Share – throughout my photos and visits – my enchantment, my respect, and my admiration for these people and for this land, in an informative, dynamic, and casual way. 


To offer a more responsible, human, inclusive, and respectful service, throughout a network of local partners, to promote and preserve the local culture. 


Exchange, excellence, and responsibility. 


My 3C's

Alsace is mainly known for its 5 C’s: cigogne, choucroute, cathedral, colombageand coiffe.

I offer you my 3 C’s: culture, capture, casual.