Strasbourg Photo Tours

Guided walking tours of Strasbourg combining information and fine memories.

To remember is to live again

Facts, details, people, and places…learn about the history of the city in a casual way and take home some lovely memories.

By yourself, in couple, with your family or with friends, let yourself be taken by the charm of the city, while you are caught in camera having as a background a little of the soul of the city.

Circuit options

Choose the setting that will frame your souvenirs.

  • La “Krut” (Krutenau): a charming neighbourhood called fondly by “la Krut”. It was a former boatman and fisherman’s district separated by the rest of the city by gates, towers, bridges, and many canals (we will see traces of them during our visit). Despite the many waves of modernisation the city has gone through, la Krut’ has managed to keep a village vibe.

  • La Neustadt: the former German district of the city; its architectural ensemble was nominated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Once part of the 2nd German Empire, Strasbourg went through a vast plan of urbanisation becoming a “window display” for the German power and knowledge. We will see sumptuous buildings, large perspectives and learn “in loco” about the double identity of this city.  


  • 2h


  • 1 person: 50€
  • 2 persons: 75€
  • 3 people: 90€
  • 4 people: 110€
  • 5 people: 125€

What is included:

  • Guided visit in English with a licensed tour guide/photographer + 10 digital photos

For further information about the visit, for groups larger than 5 people, to check availability and/or to book a slot, please get in touch.

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