Terms and Conditions


1. The fares listed above are all in Euros (EUR) and exempt from TVA (local tax on goods and services), according to the Art. 293B from the CGI (French Tax Code) and refer only to the guided visits/escorting services, not including any kind of transport nor extra expenses for the guide, such as: possible meals, entry tickets to sites visited, and accommodation.

2. If a visit starts/ends outside of Strasbourg, the transport cost of the guide should be added to the price of the visit: up to 15 km, no extra charge; from 15 km to 30 km, € 10; from 30 km to 50 km, € 15; from 50 km to 75 km, € 20; from 75 km to 100 km = € 30).

Methods of payment:

3. Agencies/Tour Operators: cash, card or by a payment link, before or right after the service; or by invoice within 30 days.

4. Private clients: during the booking, the guide will send a payment link to the client for the payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the hired services (amount non-refundable). The remaining balance could be paid by bank transfer up to 24h before the visit, or by cash/card on the day of the services.


5. By the guide: the guide reserves the right to cancel or change a visit without previous notice due to ‘force majeure” (strikes, manifestations, exceptional closings, storms) if the comfort and safety of its clients are at risk. If the visit cannot be carried out in full, the client will have the option to choose another date for the visit or to get a full refund (if payed in advance).

6. By the client: all changes made after the time of the booking should be notified to the guide, ideally until 48h prior to the visit. The guide reserves the right to accept or not the changes according to his/her logistics/availabilities. The client will also have the option to choose another date for the visit. If no agreement is reached between both parties, the amount of 30% of the price of the service will be claimed from the client.

Delays, no-shows, curtailments

7. Delay/no show by the client: the guide will wait for the client for up to 30 minutes. The visit could be shortened by the delayed time or be extended to cover this delay (with the agreement of the guide). If more than 30 minutes go by with no news from the client, the visit will be cancelled and considered a no-show. In both cases the total amount of the services will be charged.

8. Delay/no show by the guide: if the guide is delayed for up to 30 minutes, the client will have the option to extend the time of the visit to compensate for the delay (according to the availability of the guide and in mutual agreement between the parties); the visit could also be shortened and its price readjusted accordingly (a compensation equivalent to the delayed time can be claimed by the client). In the unlikelihood of the guide not showing up, the client will be refund in full and could claim a compensation on the value of 30% of the services non-performed.

9. Last-minute curtailment of the services by the client: the total amount of the hired services will have to be paid.

Cancellation by the client

10. Travel Agencies/Operators: up to 48h before the services are due to start: no penalties. Less than 48h before the services are due to start: a payment of 50% of the total amount of the services will be claimed.

11. Private clients: Cancellation after the payment of the deposit: a voucher with the amount of the deposit will be sent to the client. This voucher may be used by third parties and has no expiration date.


12. Any disagreement related to the interpretation/execution of these Terms and Conditions, will be subjected to the French law. In the unlikelihood of a non-friendly settlement between both parties, the dispute will be brought against the Commercial Court of Strasbourg.

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