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A stunning Gothic cathedral over 1000 years old! Two districts named UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unusual places, like the historic cellar of the civil hospital, with the oldest white wine in barrels in the world. The Petite France , one of the most picturesque and lovely neighborhoods that you will meet. Discover why the city has become the symbol of reconciliation, tolerance and peace.

Classic guided tours:

  • Visit 1h30/2h : guided tour of the historic center including the picturesque Petite France district and the cathedral.
  • 3h visit : guided tour of the historic center including the picturesque Petite France district , the cathedral and the old German district of Neustadt.

Unusual guided tour :

  • Strasbourg Unique (1h30m):   Certainly a city that is more than 2000 thousand years old has a lot of history to tell. However, several surprising and unusual facts are hidden behind small details, which, in order to be revealed, require a closer look. This unusual visit to Strasbourg will further enrich your experience in the region.

Complementary guided tours:

  • European Institutions Quarter: Understand why Strasbourg was chosen to be the seat of the European Institutions.
  • Historical Museum: to better understand the region’s tumultuous and rich history
  • Alsatian Museum: a group of old houses filled with objects from the 19th and 20th century that retrace the cultural history of the region
  • Strasbourg by night : the same tours (outdoors) can be done at
    night too, when the city is even more enchanting.
  • Strasbourg by bike : personalized guided tour by bike. Choose the duration and points to be visited. (The bicycle rental price is not included in the service price).

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