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The fares below were created based on the duration of the services and number of participants.

TAILORED RATES:  for individuals and small groups of up to 5 people and for durations other than those listed below, please contact me for a free quote.

STANDARD RATES (table below): for tourism professionals (travel agencies/operators) and for groups from 6 people or more.


1 hour




2 hour


3 hour


Half day

4 hour


Full day

8 hour


+Extra 1/2





FARES: The fares listed above are all in Euros (EUR) and exempt from TVA (local tax on goods and services), according to the Art. 293B from the CGI (French Tax Code) and refer only to the guided visits/escorting services, not including any kind of transport nor extra expenses for the guide, such as: possible meals, entry tickets to sites visited, and accommodation.

TRANSPORT COSTS GUIDE: If a visit starts/ends outside Strasbourg, the transport cost of the guide should be added to the price of the visit: up to 15 km, no extra charge; from 15 km to 30 km, € 10; from 30 km to 50 km, € 15; from 50 km to 75 km, € 20; from 75 km to 100 km = € 30).


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