Guided tours of Strasbourg combining must-see attractions with my personal favorites.

Strasbourg will surprise you, will inspire you…get ready to explore the old and the new, the historical and the modern…living side by side at this carrefour of cultural exchanges.

See for yourself why this city has inspired GUTEMBERG, GOETHE, MOZART, VICTOR HUGO and many others.

Strasbourg Highlights

Must-see attractions Strasbourg

A stunning Gothic cathedral over 1000 years old; Two districts named UNESCO World Heritage Site; Quaint squares and neighbourhoods full of history; The picturesque district of La Petite France; The sumptuous former German district; The modern and symbolic European District

Strasbourg Walking Tours

Strasbourg Unique Tour

Certainly a city that is more than 2000 thousand years old has a lot of history to tell. Out-of-sight symbols, details and legends will further enrich your experience in the region.

2h Walking Tour Strasbourg

A guided tour of the old town including the picturesque Petite France district and the cathedral.

3h Walking Tour Strasbourg

A guided tour of the old town  including the picturesque Petite France district , the cathedral and the old German district of la Neustadt.

4h Walking Tour Strasbourg

A guided tour of the old town  including the picturesque Petite France district, the cathedral, the old German district of la Neustad and the European District. 

Additional Strasbourg Tours

Astronomical Clock

Inside the cathedral of Strasbourg a hidden gem awaits to be discovered: one of the tallest and most astonishing astronomical clocks in the world.

Strasbourg Capital of Europe

Marvel at the modern and exquisite architecture at the European District of Strasbourg and understand why the city was chosen to be the seat of some very important European institutions.

Strasbourg by night

The same (outdoor) guided tours can be done at night as well, when Strasbourg is even more enchanting.

Strasbourg by boat

Discovery the city from a different perspective by hiring a private boat with a captain (up to 11 pax) and sailing through its many waterways and locks, while I unveil the history of the city to you.

Alsatian Museum

Traditional architecture and everyday-objects that illustrate the rural life in the XIX and XX century rural Alsace.

History Museum

A lot of conflicts, a lot of losses…even though the museum houses a small collection, the objects exhibited carry a lot of symbolisms and history.

And last, but definetly not least…

Strasbourg Bike Tour