Amongst vineyards, mountains and plains, the attractions are spread out from the north to the south of the region.

Discover why Alsace is much more than the 5 C’s

Alsace is known mainly for its 5 C’s: cigogne (stork), cathedral, choucroute, coiffe (hair tie), and colombage (half-timbered houses).

But it is so much more than that (#PlusQ5).

It is also a land rich in historical heritage (civilizations, wars), cultural heritage (craftwork, gastronomy) and natural heritage (mountains, rivers, vineyards).

In the following pages you will find several options of tours and circuits that can be put together to form trips of different durations.

To facilitate travelling around the region, the guided tours and circuits can be done combining different types of transport such as coach, car, van, train, bikes…

… and all of that accompanied by a friendly, energetic and knowledgeable tour guide!

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