Curitiba Photory Circuit

Photo + History + Walk

A casual walk in the old town of Curitiba (Brazil), combining information with an informal photo shooting

What exactly is the “Curitiba Photory Circuit”?

The “Curitiba Photory Circuit” takes place in the charming old streets of the historical city center of Curitiba (CIRCUIT), where the history of the city started.

During this 2-hour walk, you will not only learn the HISTORY of the city but also admire the old x new, while understanding the care and passion of the past administrations which transformed Curitiba into an example of urbanization for Brazil and for the world.

And in the middle of all of that, you will be PHOTOGRAPHED in the most photogenic areas of the city, so you can take back home a timeless souvenir with a tiny bit of the soul of the city framed with you.

What’s the duration of the walk?

The “Curitiba Photory Circuit” is a 2-hour long historical walk combined with a photo session.

When do they take place?

The “Curitiba Photory Circuit” takes place only during the Brazilian summer months, because for the other part of the year I am win France:-)

What languages are they on?

The “Curitiba Photory Circuit” is done in Portuguese and in English.

Deadline and delivery

Within a week after the walk had taken place, you will receive a link to your online gallery.

Why booking with me?

I am born and bred « curitibana”.

 After finishing my university degree in Hospitality and Tourism in Curitiba, I decided to travel the world to learn new languages and discover new cultures. Yes, I know, it is a bit cliché but it is true. A 3-month trip abroad turned into a 20-year adventure:-)

Different countries (ES, UK, FR), different languages, different jobs.

New encounters, new places to travel to…and all along, I had a camera with me. It kept me company, it was my safety net…it helped me to frame the world and to pay attention at the small details. 

A series of unforeseen events saw me landing in Strasbourg, France (where I live for most of the year). Inspired by its touching history, I became an official tour guide; inspired by its beauty, I became an official photographer.

 Becoming a photographer felt like coming back to myself after many years of a long journey. The cycle is complete…

 …Now it is time to shine a light at my “Curita”…and to offer to its visitors a bit of my experience, my personality and my sensibility. 

Meeting point

We will meet in front of the MUPA – Museu Paranaense, located at the entrance of the “Largo da Ordem”.


In case of bad weather,

the walk could be re-scheduled

(depending on my availability)


These walks are private.

Feel free to book just for yourself, for you and your loved one

or for a group of friends/family.


Come as you want, as you are. But if you really want, you could try to match the outfit colors:

light or darker
bright or pastel
color family

Special occasions

The “Curitiba Photory Circuit” is an ideal gift

to celebrate special moments:

birthday, anniversary, engagement, maternity, hen-dos, etc.

Prices (in Brazilian Real)


1 pax


2 pax


3 pax


4 pax


5 pax


0-2 years

Contact in Brazil

Besides my contact details already listed on my website, while in Brazil you can also contact me via my Brazilian phone number/Whatsapp: 55 41 98760-7000

Te espero em Curitiba!