Strasbourg Bike Tour

The best way to explore everything Strasbourg has to offer is on a bike tour


With more than 600 kilometers of bike lanes, it is a perfect spot for you to hop on a bike and explore its must-see attractions but also some less known corners.

During this 4-hour long guided bike tour of Strasbourg we will bike through several – very different – neighborhoods of the city so you can fully see and understand Strasbourg’s historical importance; its multicultural identity, and its appeal as one of the greenest cities in France.

The circuit

What you will see along the way

“LA PRESQU’ILE”: and old harbor transformed into a modern urban center for housing and entertainment…this is Strasbourg at its best.

“PARC DE L’ORANGERIE”: the largest park of the city. A much loved place for jogging, picnics, weddings…but also a place to admire two very different types of gardens (English x French)…and to observe Alsace’s bird symbol: the storks.

“LA NEUSTADT”: this “New City” is filled with stunning architecture. A place to better understand Strasbourg turbulent but glorious past and its double identity.

LA KRUTENAU: one of the most charming districts of the city: la Krut’. A neighbored that has managed to keep its “village vibe” besides the many waves of modernisation the city has gone through.

“LA PETITE FRANCE”: a former tanner’s district where the river Ill cuts through its heart framing on its passage the streets lined up by enchanting half-timbered houses.

THE EUROPEAN DISTRICT: a dazzling modern area of the city filled with astonishing architecture. Lean “in loco” why Strasbourg was chosen to be the seat of many European institutions.

NOTRE DAME DE STRASBOURG: astonishing architecture; legends; unusual facts which will enrich your experience before you climb the 330 steps for an astonishing view of the city.

Extra info

  • Bike rental

    bike rental prices will be added on top of the price of the tour

  • Tickets

    tickets for the platform will be added on top of the price of the tour.

  • Cathedral

    this tour does not include an inside guided visit of the cathedral.

  • Kids

    Kids up to 12 years of age are obliged by the French Law to wear helmet.

Don’t wait any longer…

…come with me in this adventure where we will travel back and forth in time.

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