Melissa Hallais

I am born and bred Brazilian but after finishing my university studies I decided to travel the world to learn new languages and discover new cultures. Yes, I know, it is a bit cliché but it is true. A 3-month trip abroad turned into a 20-year adventure:-)

Different countries, different languages, different jobs.

New encounters, new places to travel to…and all along, I had a camera with me. It kept me company, it was my safety net…it helped me to frame the world and to pay attention at the small details. 

Becoming a tour guide was a struck of the destiny. A series of unforeseen events thrown me into the right tracks. Becoming a photographer felt like coming back to myself after many years of a long journey. 

The circle is complete. The energy can flow endlessness now…powered by the beauty of the Alsatian region – which inspires me -, and by my desire to offer to its visitors a bit of my personality and my sensibility. 

Look forward to showing you/clicking you around this enchanting region…so full of history, so full of photogenic corners. 

À bientôt!